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Location: ATITD-Tools/Desert-Paint-Codex/Views/MessageBoxView.axaml.cs

Jason Maltzen
Simulator view updates: new warning when the recipe is below minimum concentration. Add the missing reactions to the warning about missing reactions. Show the current saved recipe for a color, and allow replacing/saving the current simulated recipe as the recipe for that color.
using System;
using Avalonia;
using Avalonia.Markup.Xaml;
using Avalonia.ReactiveUI;
using DesertPaintCodex.ViewModels;
using ReactiveUI;

namespace DesertPaintCodex.Views
    public class MessageBoxView : ReactiveWindow<MessageBoxViewModel>
        public MessageBoxView()


            this.WhenActivated(d => d(ViewModel?.PickOption.Subscribe(val => Close(val))!));

        private void InitializeComponent()